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Project Alchemists, along with its strategic partners, provides thoughtful discovery, expertise and domain knowledge to support the process of reviewing your group’s safety and security needs and improving your readiness posture.

We assist you with the overcoming the challenges while optimizing the solution and providing meaningful business results and outcomes. Combining strategies can reduce cycle times and improve cost effectiveness of deployed systems and turn those systems into assets rather than sunk cost. Our goal is to help you improve your readiness to respond to the threats, while reducing risk and improving performance.

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With our experience ranging from traditional building systems project to the “It’s never been done that way before” we specialize in pairing your business objectives with thoughtfully selected technologies and systems designed to deliver positive outcomes.

We ask lots of questions. Our efforts are centered on the idea that as a team, we work to be absolutely certain that the program or project is aligned with the stated needs, goals and opportunities to provide positive business results. Beautifully designed and elaborate system implementations may appear to be just the thing, however, it they aren’t providing meaningful business results, is there a business justification for the expense? What about the systems that are regulatory requirements – simply because they are required by law, code or policy doesn’t mean that they are devoid of ROI and simply become a sunk cost. If you’re running into that barrier, it may be time for a project transformation.


Already thinking about that new project that is being discussed? Ready to get the right team on-board to ease the pressure and ensure that it is a success? We’re here to help.