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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Getting started is pretty easy. Drop us a line.


Let’s set an appointment
A meeting is still the best ways to get comfortable with your potential partner. We’ll start with by making sure we’re a fit.

Explain to us your objectives and challenges
What are you trying to accomplish? What will that do for your company?  What have you done already? What is holding up progress?

We do some pondering and homework
Leveraging years of experience and know how, we start to craft a plan to expose the business opportunities and overcome the challenges to discuss with you.

We present initial concepts and findings
This is where we really see if we’re aligned. Did we hear you correctly?  Does this look like it meets your needs and intent? Will this create value for your initiative? Do we have an agreement to continue discovering your needs?

Next steps
Decide that Project Alchemists is your partner, and we dive in to gain detailed understanding and formalize the plan and refine the strategies for success. We return to you with our work product and review.

Approve our joining the team
An official acceptance and we’re now looking after your interests and beginning the project transformation.

Realizing the results
Get prepared for a stunning success. You’re going to have to get used to congratulatory celebrations because you chose well, and the team rocked it!