Our teams aren’t chemists.  We’re don’t really morph common materials into precious metals.  We do transform programs and projects into a clearly defined efforts with well investigated and understood needs and goals that drive to realistic and achievable outcomes providing positive business results.  

We all know that programs or project that don’t have well defined strategies, technology migration plans and/or execution plans can fall victim to costly overruns of both time and money.  We utilize a process of detailed discovery and alignment as a strategy to ensure that the program or project provides results.

We don’t get stuck in processes, we leverage them (and sometimes help refine or create new ones) to promote client satisfaction.    We remain flexible and nimble such that changing technology or customer needs are in-line with technology selections and your firm’s strategic intent.  Good planning provides future options that don’t invalidate investments made in infrastructure.


With our experience ranging from traditional building systems project to the “It’s never been done that way before” We specialize in pairing your business objectives with thoughtfully selected technologies and systems designed to deliver positive outcomes.

We ask lots of questions.  Our efforts are centered on the idea that as a team, we work to be absolutely certain that the program or project is aligned with the stated needs, goals and opportunities to provide positive business results.  Beautifully designed and elaborate system implementations may appear to be just the thing, however, it they aren’t providing meaningful business results, is there a business justification for the expense?   What about the systems that are regulatory requirements – simply because they are required by law, code or policy doesn’t mean that they are devoid of ROI and simply become a sunk cost.  If you’re running into that barrier, it may be time for a project transformation.

Meet the Team

Expertise that combines experience and innovation to enable positive outcomes. 

He's been called a genius, the guy, the architect, the subject matter expert, the guru, chief propeller head, and a whole bunch of other things.  Nick has made a career of serving customers with the special or unique projects.  Having served as a technician, estimator/engineer, sales engineer, account manager and sales leader, he brings a variety of knowledge, skills and experiences to bear on customer challenges, uncovering opportunity and value while driving to success.

Leveraging the expertise and experience to navigate through the discovery and value creation process, thereby unlocking results for customers is what drives Nick every day.

Nicholas Ano Professional Image

Nicholas Ano


With over 25 years of low voltage system experience, Nick founded Project Alchemists LLC to serve customers differently.

We know there are many choices when it comes to selecting a consultant.  What challenges are you looking to solve?  What skill sets or experience is important to you?  How will you know if that group is the right fit for your company culture?

What qualifications must the team possess?  What projects have they worked on that are similar to yours?  Could they provide customer testimonies or references to help set your internal project team at ease?

We'd encourage you to give us a call.  We're a different group.  We think that is a good thing.  We have years of experience that allow us to function differently.  We want to earn your business and serve you like no other firm can.

Next Steps...

Ready to get started?  Have a project that you're considering or one that could use a trusted partner?  Give us a call and explore how we can transform your effort into a stunning success.